Aren’t there enough patent nerds blogging?

No! The answer is definitely no!! Everyone has a relatively narrow career path, and everyone hears a limited amount of voices. I have worked at the same firm my entire career, and because of this, I have frequently read US patent law blogs to expand my perspective. Over the years, there have been a plurality (a word that barely exists outside of patent claims) of patent law blogs that have popped up for a year or two, then disappeared. I absorbed immense insight from these blogs, eagerly awaited the next post, then…crickets.

Thus, I am starting a blog to offer my thoughts to patent attorneys, patent agents, law school students, and anyone analytically minded to help fill the current void. Don’t get me wrong, I am not arrogant enough to believe that what I write here is scripture and will make or break careers, or that my skills are beyond ordinary. But, I do believe I have perspectives that can be useful and thought provoking. If anything, the best result would be causing others to generate ideas that eclipse anything published here and to help others in their pursuits for their clients.

Why? Read Adam Grant’s book “Give and Take.” That is the best answer I can give. I have taken plenty from the patent blogosphere, and it is time to give back.

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